Pol-Uniwersum S.C.

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Pol-Uniwersum s.c. G.J. Bęben Usługi Transportowe, has been on the market since 1993. Flourishing development and almost twenty years of experience in our services allow us to fulfill needs of our customers on tranportation fields, since we provide you with constant professional service on the top level. We execute all services in a complex manner on thw whole EU area. Each customer is treated individually with the best logistic solutions for him. The important fact for experters is that as one of very few Polish companies we provide you with both transportation and freight forwarding services as well. Our Forwarding department assures the easy cargo flow with simultaneous monitoring of all orders.

Why do customers choose us? Because Pol-Uniwersum means above all experience, as well as other important features for transportation field such as reliability, punctuality and conscientiousness. Our company will transport your load to any destination at any time. Our team is at your full disposal. Every of our drivers has professional qualificiations certificate to prove and to allow them to execute road transportation. Pol-Uniwersum s.c. obtained Certificate of Professional Competence in International Road Transportation of Goods.

Our fleet consists of the most modern transportation tractors and trucks with the highest standards. There are tractor units, spatial units and singles. It is worth to mention that as one of verz few companies we have fleet consisting of brand new tractor units, characterized by very low level of failure.

Pol-Uniwersum s.c. offer consists of: international and local transportation service, partial and full loads transportation, machinery and equipment transportation, services for electronics and automotive branches.

Many have already trusted us. We invite you for further co-operation to obtain a stable partner on your way to success! Our team will answer your questions and advise the most suitable logistic solution for you.